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Office decoration must meet the needs in the most functional way before personal tastes and offer a different visuality that will attract the appreciation of the customers according to the activity sector of the company.  Office Interior Architecture istanbul  realized within certain concepts  Although it is the primary goal of gaining the appreciation of the customers in their projects, this does not mean that the interior architect produces projects by thinking completely aesthetically. In office decoration and all structural arrangements, work efficiency of employees is also taken into consideration, therefore, it is tried to produce rational solutions focused on functionality for all needs in the office environment. Since spacious environments always have a positive impact on both employees and customers, the interior designer also strives to control natural and artificial light as desired.
Office environments, where daylight is not utilized sufficiently and therefore artificial lights are used even during the day, does not only increase the expenses of the employer with unnecessary energy consumption. In addition to wasted energy, such bleak environments also decrease the productivity of employees and create depressive effects on the psychology of employees in the long run. The ambient atmosphere, which is also an important factor for the customers who will meet face to face with the company for the first time, is difficult to get the desired results from the negotiations as long as it is gloomy and dark. Such gloomy environments that affect the subconscious of people, even if not in a conscious way, lead to impulses that are not even known by themselves but prevent them from making positive decisions.
It is unacceptable that employers who try to buy colors or the most expensive office furniture in order to get the positive results requested from the interviews do not give the same importance to natural and artificial light, which determines how the whole environment will be perceived. The proper direction of the light, which determines how the human eye perceives the environment it is in, and the office will create awareness thanks to the design made by the interior architect. It is always easier to get positive results from job interviews in office environments that feel comfortable and promise positive energy. When dealing with the interior design of the offices, the use of natural and artificial light according to the place is more important than the one who thinks and affects human perception.

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