Architecture for Cafes and Restaurants


Cafe & Restaurant Interior Design İstanbul   , one of the most important factors that affect customer satisfaction  , is at least as important as delicious and prices for the success of the business. While those who are new to the sector are interested in many issues before opening, it is very difficult to achieve customer satisfaction in case there is no place to create restaurant that will appreciate with its decoration and offer comfort to its customers, although it can put restaurant decoration on the second plan. Because people go to restaurants not only to give birth to their bellies, but to come together with their loved ones and spend pleasant time. Unlike an artisan restaurant, restaurants that do not only serve food to their customers serve to offer people a pleasant atmosphere.
The main difference between artisan restaurants and restaurants; While restaurants are just places where people fill their stomachs, restaurants are places where they spend long hours. Since restaurant decoration is an important factor that allows customers to enjoy their time, business owners should not leave this business to the amateurs. Architecture companies, which offer professional solutions and can offer restaurant designs suitable for almost any budget, can design many different concepts that will add personality to the business. From designs that are unique to fish restaurants, reminiscent of Mediterranean beaches, to prestigious interior arrangements suitable for city views and restaurant menu, interior designers can apply any style of decoration. Noting that the most reliable names in the management of the budget allocated for all these are interior designers,
In order for the customers who want to have a pleasant time in the restaurant to feel themselves in a comfortable environment, attention should be paid to many different details in decoration, while the choice of table and chairs is at the top of these. It is unthinkable for the customers who cannot feel comfortable in their seats, cannot eat at their table or see the face of others because of the flowers placed in the middle of the table. It is also important how the space is illuminated that customers who perceive the space with light should not be provided with a dim and gloomy environment, nor a light-intensive environment that is tiring to the eyes. In the restaurant decoration, which includes many elements from accessories to tablecloths, it is best to leave the job to the hands of the specialist, the interior designer.

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